Friday, October 2, 2009

Zeb Quinn missing in Asheville since January 2000

Of course we could never stop looking and hoping that one day we will find my step son, Zeb Quinn. He went missing from Walmart on Hendersonville Road in Asheville in January of 2000. Please keep him in mind if you were to ever see him or have any information on his whereabouts and what happened to him. You can call Kosta at (828) 684-0279 or the Police Department if you could help. Thank you to all of our friends and supporters throughout the years. This has left a void in our hearts and hope that one day we could find out where he is or what happened.


  1. First, my heart goes out to your family, and we'll keep you and Zeb in our thoughts and prayers. With the story broadcast on Discovery, you've taken an important step towards solving the mystery: any time light is brought to dark places, it can only serve to illuminate those places.

    Since you may be hearing this from many other viewers, and it may very well be consistent with your own suspicians, I couldn't help but come away with a bad feeling about this "Dusty" character, her boyfriend, as well as "Owens" - the boy last seen with Zeb. Last but not least, Zeb's aunt (Ina ?) seems like a mighty odd and untrustworthy person. Has Zeb's Father really gone after her for answers? Did Zeb's Dad express any desire for Zeb to be with him when you divorced? The reason I suspect them is the same as you. But there was ONE important question NOT answered by the Discover broadcast, and that's this: On the night Zeb was supposed to be looking at a car with Owens, do you know if he had brought cash with him? Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I've seen people get hurt very seriously for as little as $20 dollars by desperate drug addicts, or jealous boyfriends. If Zeb had brought even a down payment for the car - a few hundred bucks - to me that would be an extremely important clue. Because it could have easily triggered a setup by this 'Dusty' character, her boyfriend, and even Owens, who turns out to be a much more dangerous individual than how he was initially portrayed...

    I hope you find Zeb. It hurts to hear that story of such a fine young man gone missing...surrounded by characters who sound like snakes in the grass. Never give up hope.
    G-d bless you.


    Dean H. Anderson, Chicago IL

    1. the girlfriends name is not Dusty, it is Misty.

  2. My heart goes out to your family. I know this isn't easy.... I want you all to know your family is in my prayers. I was watching 'ID' on discovery and I couldn't help and have to find a little bit more about "Zeb Quinn'

    Never give up hope, all your questions will be answered..

    -Gloria Sanchez, Fairfield CA

  3. Did anyone ever take lie detector tests? Did his co worker from walmart ever have his truck checked for matching paint from where zebra supposedly hit him

  4. Detective Taylor, since 1994 that's very honorable but I needed to know if he was in any way related to Misty Taylor or her family? I am working on a theory of my own and this would help clear up any indication of misinformation. Thanks.

  5. Due to Zeb's minor disability perhaps with comprehension or slight dyslexia or similar symptoms...he may have been extremely trustworthy and easy to take advantage of by familiar associations. It would help to know 1) Did he have cash on him to buy the vehicle Robert Owens suggests they were going to look at? 2) What kind of business did Misty Taylor and the Aunt go into? and did it ever come about after all these years? 3) What was the occupation of Misty's boyfriend Wesley? Was he a truck driver? or in a position to travel? and how old was he compared to Misty? 4) When was Zeb's last oil change and how many miles were put on the car from the time he went missing until the vehicle was recovered? 5) Was anyone able to find out if and where Zeb used the phone to call his Aunt after the page? If he even made a call to her house? and finally 6) Robert Owens sustained quite a few injuries - when exactly did he go to the hospital for treatment? were the doctors or nurses interviewed? was he showered and calm, dirty and agitated, in extreme pain and complaining? or was he treated by Misty and or another member of her family who had access to drugs and other medical supplies from the hospital from which they worked at?

    If....Robert went for treatment but was not in pain at the time I could then conclude that perhaps a member that worked at the hospital helped him before his actual treatment hence offering collusion on their part and prior knowledge of the event.

    Thank you.

  6. I'm so sorry that the Quinn family has to go throw this horrible ordeal. You're son seems like a great guy who got involved with the wrong people.
    It's obvious that Misty, her boyfriend and possibly Jason are all involved in this.

    I'm wondering if this is the Misty Taylor that Zebb was seeing and that was involved in the case.
    It seems someone out her photo up here:

    If so, this Misty Taylor on Facebook could be the same person.

    On her Facebook account she has some photos of her tattoos. One being a remembrance of three people David Haney / Peggy Haney and Arthur Haney.

    I'm wondering if she left town later and lived with David Haney for a while to get away from all that was going on.
    In the obituary of David Haney, it shows a Peggy (name in misty's tattoo) in his family and a reference to "a special niece"
    Is that a reference to Misty Taylor?

    The distance from Asheville and Lumberton is only 4 hours

    Also wondering if Kevin Taylor of the Asheville Police Department is related to Misty.
    Image of him found on target image here:

    Anyways this is all I got so far from searching around the internet for a couple of hours.
    I have a theory that I'm working on, I'll post it soon.